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We are assisted by a Group of Advisors consisting of long time Industry professionals.  


We are thankful to be distributed both physically and digitally by Smith Music Group.  Click the pic

We are thankful to be distributed physically and digitally by Smith Music Group.  Click on Pic to learn more.



We are a Label owned by artists, advised by professionals, and aligned with ethical, established industry management.

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Farm Trout

Farm Trout, based in Joshua Tree CA,  plays Original Rock and Roll.  They play electric guitars and are not shy about it.  The band's sounds, just like the diversity of the Valley they are from,  is a mix of many genre's and influences. Great songwriting combined with three powerful musicians creates a unique sound that can only be called "Farm Trout".  Check out the first three songs recently released featuring their first single,  "I'm So Scared" on Spotify or Youtube to stream or Amazon to purchase download.  The Trout will be releasing songs in sets of three every couple of months.


Stanley Jackson

Stanley Jackson is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Seattle WA.   In addition he fronts the band Farm Trout and does the drumming for Canadian artist Total Imaginary Mind Experience,

Stanley sings songs about life,  love, peace and the path, we choose to go.  In between working on Farm Trout and Total Imaginary Mind Experience"  he has recorded "Life is Love is Peace".  His release is just him and a guitar singing new songs written over the last year.  Some of these songs may end up on Farm Trout or Total Imaginary Mind Experience releases.  As Stanley says,  "Some songs translate easily to the bands and some just  simply do not". Check it out on Spotify or Youtube to stream or Amazon to purchase.

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